The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach is creating a soundtrack for an indie comic book called Murder Ballads, slated for release this fall via Z2 Comics.

According to Z2, Murder Ballads is a "rock 'n' roll noir story about the music industry and redemption" that follows a record label owner named Nate Theodore who makes a long journey through wintry conditions to escape his troubles when he encounters a pair who play "a raucous brand of doom-laden country blues."

Comics writer and music journalist Gabe Soria will write and Paul Reinwand will illustrate. The accompanying soundtrack will be created by Auerbach, who has recruited other musicians for the project including the Dirtbombs' Mick Collins.

Auerbach said the soundtrack is "shorter than a double LP and longer than eight minutes." and said he signed on after talking with Soria. “I wasn’t so much into comics, but where we kind of met up was on the music front,” Auerbach told Vulture. “We were kind of addicted to records, and that’s how we bonded early on... [The story] was pretty fully formed in Gabe’s mind. The music that he was talking about seemed — well, I could wrap my mind around it. He knew I was really big into northern Mississippi music, so I understood the reference points when he was talking to me about it.”

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