Dawes remain one of the most indefatiguable bands around. Today (Nov. 14), they announced that they will spend nearly four months playing venues across North America in support of their new record, We're All Gonna Die.

Calling it "An Evening With Dawes," they'll begin at the Belly Up in San Diego on Jan. 10 and conclude on May 3 at the Fillmore in Charlotte, N.C., on May 3. The pre-sale for fan club members begins tomorrow at 10AM local time, with the sale to the general public beginning on Friday. You can see the full list of dates below and get complete ticketing information at their website.

Speaking to Billboard, frontman Taylor Goldsmith talked about how their near-non-stop approach to playing live has helped the band grow despite having never had a major hit single. "We’re lucky that we really love being on tour," he said. "I know a lot of bands that are incredible that don’t have that, that want to be home more often and in the studio or with their families -- all very understandable reasons. But for us, we’ve always been addicted to it. Right now how far off this tour is today is truly unfortunate. We’re already itching for it. And I think that’s helped us develop fans on a more fan-by-fan basis rather than a hit single explosion."

Goldsmith added that he's looking forward to headlining New York's Beacon Theatre on March 10, because it represents a level of fame that he never thought they'd achieve, given their modest beginnings. "As a young band you create these goal posts that materialize as venues," he continued. "When we first started, we were opening for bands at the Bowery Ballroom in New York." I remember the first time we headlined there and sold it out, that just felt like U2 or something -- like, how is this possible?"

Dawes 2017 North American Tour Dates

1/10 – San Diego, Calif.
1/11 – Phoenix, Ariz.
1/13 – San Luis Obispo, Calif.
1/14 – Santa Barbara, Calilf.
1/20 – Lake Tahoe, Nev.
1/26 – Dallas, Texas
1/28 – Austin, Texas
1/29 – Oklahoma City, Okla.
1/31 – Little Rock, Ark.
2/1 – St. Louis, Mo.
2/3 – Minneapolis, Minn.
2/4 – Iowa City, Iowa
2/6 – Madison, Wisc.
2/7 – Omaha, Neb.
2/8 – Sioux Falls, S.D.
2/10 – Boulder, Colo.
2/11 – Aspen, Colo.
2/12 – Salt Lake City, Utah
2/21 – San Francisco, Calif.
2/22 – Portland, Ore.
2/24 – Seattle, Wash.
2/25 – Missoula, Mont.
2/26 – Billings, Mont.
2/28 – Des Moines, Iowa
3/3 – Birmingham, Ala.
3/4 – Atlanta, Ga.
3/5 – Durham, N.C.
3/7 – Wilmington, Del.
3/8 – Washington, D.C.
3/10 – New York, N.Y.
3/11 – Boston, Mass.
3/12 – Hartford, Ct.
3/14 – Northampton, Mass.
3/15 – Ithaca, N.Y.
3/17 – Toronto, Ont.
3/18 – Kalamazoo, Mich.
3/19 – Indianapolis, Ind.
3/21 – Tulsa, Okla.
3/22 – Santa Fe, N.M.
3/23 – Flagstaff, Ariz.
4/1 – Los Angeles, Calif.
4/21 – Louisville, Ky.
4/23 – Charleston, S.C.
4/25 – Asheville, N.C.
4/26 – Knoxville, Tenn.
4/28 – Nashville, Tenn.
4/29 – Nashville, Tenn.
4/30 – Chattanooga, Tenn.
5/2 – Wilmington, N.C.
5/3 – Charlotte, N.C.

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