Perhaps it's a sign that the relationship between guitar and guitarist has reached a crucial turning point when they start sleeping in separate beds. That's at least the impression you get at the outset of the new video for "Things Happen," the leadoff single from Dawes' upcoming album, All Your Favorite Bands. The L.A. folk-rock quartet premiered the video today via NPR's First Watch -- check it out above.

Cleverly rendered, the video contains several fanciful elements, but it might also qualify as the most melancholy depiction of the busking lifestyle ever. That said, don't get the hankies out just yet. After all, this is Dawes we're talking about here, and though the song definitely explores life's travails from a solemn angle, the band puts in a rather entertaining set of cameos with each member playing a fellow street performer who torments and chases away the main character in defense of their individual patches of sidewalk turf.

All Your Favorite Bands, the fourth album from Dawes, is out June 2 on the band's own HUB Records. In a statement released by Dawes' publicist, bandleader Taylor Goldsmith explained that the album title is short for the sentiment "May all your favorite bands stay together," a well-wishing and a celebration of the important role that music plays in our lives.

For Goldsmith, saying "may all your favorite bands stay together" to another person represents the ultimate wish for things to be all good in that person's life.

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