Last October, Death Grips announced their next album, Bottomless Pit, and now the experimental hip-hop group have released some of the details.

The album will feature 13 tracks including "Hot Head," which the band shared last month. It was their first new song since they released The Powers That B (what they said would be their final album) last spring. Check it out below.

Earlier this week, Death Grips also shared a 32-minute video called "Interview 2016." In it, actor Matthew Hoffman interviews them, but the audio of their conversation is swapped for instrumental music.

'Bottomless Pit' Track List
1. Giving Bad People Good ideas
2. Hot Head
3. Spikes
4. Warping
5. Eh
6. Bubbles Buried in the Jungle
7. Trash
8. Houdini
9. BB Poison
10. Three Bedrooms in a Good Neighborhood
11. Ring a Bell
12. 8080808
13. Bottomless Pit

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