It seems Death Grips found out the hard way that what makes bean bag chairs so comfy are the thousands and thousands of tiny grains of foam inside: The group just shared a video for "The Powers That B" that features sped-up footage of the group cleaning up after an exploded beanbag chair in a hotel room. Check it out below.

The video, directed by the band, is the third from their double album, The Powers That B. It comes after a Polaroid-framed, magic trick clip for "On GP" and a drumstick POV video for "I Break Mirrors With My Face in The United States," both released in March. The new video also follows Death Grips releasing a free album by mysterious band the I.L.Y.s a few days ago – an album on which observant fans seem to have identified contributions from Death Grips' MC Ride and Zach Hill.

Death Grips are currently undergoing a U.S. tour, and their complete itinerary can be found here.

Death Grips – "The Powers That B" (Official Music Video)

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