Sacramento experimental hip hop outfit Death Grips, who were just recently on one of the most short-lived hiatuses ever, have randomly unleashed a brand new, surprise instrumental album titled 'Fashion Week.' You can check it out here, listen to a couple of tracks below, or download it for free at this location.

Recently, the group announced an upcoming LP by the name of 'Jenny Death.' There are a lot of rumors circulating the surprise album since the only supplied details are, “Instrumental Full-Length Soundtrack.” Fans have noticed that the track titles spell out 'Jenny Death When,' which could possibly hint at the release date for the 'Jenny Death' LP as Feb. 10, the day after Fashion Week begins in New York City.

Feb. 10 is also the date currently listed for the physical release of the double-LP, 'The Powers That B.'

Is it possible that Death Grips never actually broke up?

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