It's a little-known fact that, in addition to being musical pioneers, the members of Devo were inventors who created many useful gadgets and clothing accessories. In this rare interview, the fellows go over the uses of one of their accessories, which is a multi-purpose collar that can do anything from look cool to protect your shoes during a storm.

In its standard position, this white plastic collar serves to keep drool and crumbs off of your shirt while you zone out watching your favorite TV show. It also serves as a hair guard if you wear it while getting a haircut. All of this is in addition to being a classic and timeless bit of fashion.

But with a bit of flipping around, it can serve to hold your chips and dip so you can keep your hands free to do whatever wholesome activity those thing tend to get up to. By putting the collar on your head, you can keep the sun out of your eyes during a Grateful Dead concert. That way, you're less likely to have a bad experience on all of the wacky drugs you may have ingested.

Devo have always been paragons of style and practicality. Their famous tiered cone hats have become an icon, not only of music, but also of Snoopy-brand snow-cone makers. Devo have always been at the forefront of fashion. If you doubt us, just check out this music video for their song, 'The Girl U Want.'

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