Following the revelation that DIIV bassist Devin Ruben Perez contributed some very controversial and ugly messages to 4chan, the Brooklyn-based band has made a statement (via Pitchfork).

“It needs to be exposed,” the release reads, in reference to racial slurs and sexist remarks that seem to find a home at 4chan. “Every journalist covering this story has a responsibility to expose 4chan for what it is. But regardless of context, what Devin said is inexcusable.”

Earlier today (Dec. 14), Perez defended himself on Twitter saying he’s not a sexist, racist or misogynist:

And DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith continues to man the band’s Twitter, making sure everyone understands that no matter the situation or the person, he will never support sexism and racism:

Read the band’s full official statement below:

Cole doesn't stand for any bigotry, hatred, sexism racism or homophobia, especially when it's manifest in his own band. Cole and Devin are discussing what happened and his future in the band. Devin acknowledges what he did is very wrong. 4chan is a poisonous place. It's the bowels of the internet. A place where Devin lost sight of what's remotely appropriate and what isn't. Racial slurs and sexist remarks are practically what comprise the entirety of the site. It's important to examine the context of his comments, not to excuse them, but rather because it is a place that breeds, proliferates, and encourages dark and violent ideologies disguised as humor.

It needs to be exposed. It's lurking just beneath the surface and it's everywhere. Every journalist covering this story has a responsibility to expose 4chan for what it is. But regardless of the context, what Devin said is inexcusable. It will not be tolerated in the band or anywhere. But ultimately Cole and Devin are very close friends so this is a very hard thing for him to swallow, seeing such unexpected behavior like this from such a close friend. It is not being tolerated and is being dealt with right now.

An interesting side note: On Dec. 9, DIIV posted a photo on Facebook of a woman holding a sign that reads, “Respect existence or expect resistance,” with the caption, “‘One day, to everyone’s astonishment, someone drops a match in the powder keg and everything blows up.’ -- James Baldwin #icantbreathe” -- a nod of support to the thousands of protesters across the country who are speaking out for Eric Garner and Michael Brown. It is their most recent update on Facebook.