Houseworld is self-described as "a new immersive theater performance in which 30 guests enter a mansion, one by one, and step into a lucid dream." The project is currently trying to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to make it a reality. The first three people who contribute $10,000 to the campaign will receive the following reward: "Describe a dream you've had. When you attend this coming season of Houseworld, your dream will be reenacted for you by the band DIIV."

The band certainly makes dream-like music, so their involvement in this reward makes sense, we guess. For those who can't afford to part with $10,000, a similar but way less cool option is available: Have your dream re-enacted, but by non-DIIV actors, and for only $1,000!

While we try to work an extra $10k into our budget, check out the trailer for Houseworld below and see if you can figure out what the heck it means:

Thankfully, a significantly cheaper way to experience DIIV is at one of their concerts, and they are on tour right now. Check out their upcoming dates at their Facebook page.