Sir Elton John may have made some cheesy music in the '80s, but he was pretty awesome in the '70s. Please accept as evidence for this claim the above video. After a very warm introduction by Cher, Elton John and his band play their version of the Beatles' 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.'

At first, Elton John's version sounds a lot like the Beatles' version. And really, John doesn't stray too far from the original. But he doesn't need to change much to make a song his own. This version ends up being slightly more poppy, if that's possible.

One thing we're not sure of is what look John was going for with that outfit. It's sort of like Robin Hood, but from outer space -- Space Robin, or something. Who knows? And he looks so young here. You really get a good look at his sweet baby face in this video, especially when five smaller Elton heads start circling the bigger Elton head. Why is this happening? If we knew that, we'd probably understand whatever the hell it was he was wearing too.

This performance was not, of course, the first or only time Sir Elton's put on an ultra-snazzy outfit to wow the audience. Take, for example, one of his appearances on the legendary 'Muppet Show.' This outfit is miles ahead of Space Robin on the road to f---ing weird. One might argue that 'The Muppet Show' costume fits in with the rest of the zany characters, but we'd like to imagine that is just what he happened to be wearing when he showed up at the studio. And when he left -- we continue to imagine -- he was still wearing all the feathers and the head covering as he stopped off at the grocery store for some milk and eggs.

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