In case you haven't noticed, some of us really dig the '60s London scene. We'd say we were born 20 years too late, but that'd mean we'd be 20 years older now -- so no regrets. But that doesn't mean we can't take advantage of the Internet's ability to hold all sorts of old videos that give us a glimpse into the days of the mod kids.

One of the biggest draws to this era is how much fun these people seem to be having, and they look good while they're doing it. There's just something nice about the idea of putting on a sharp suit and going out to see noisy rock bands that have just discovered how to distort their guitars.

Not everything in this video looks all that cool, though. The dance moves could maybe have used a little more development. While there is an inherent sense of freedom in jumping up and down and flapping one's arms about arrhythmically, this approach lacks a certain visual appeal. And by "a certain" visual appeal, we mean "any" visual appeal.

Perhaps the best part of this video, though, is the song. 'She's Not There' was a big single for the Zombies. As a matter of fact, it's the song that helped them break into mainstream music and launch their career. It reached No. 12 on the British music charts in 1964. The fact that this song was a big tune back then is just further evidence as to why '60s London was such a happening place to be. Here's a little more: