The old saying "Who pissed in your corn flakes?" may have taken on a whole new meaning if you've ever toured with Faith No More. The answer was probably frontman Mike Patton.

Exclaim has collected a few interesting facts about Faith No More that go to prove that Patton was, as he himself puts it, a "s--t terrorist." For example, he reportedly wasn't very nice to Axl Rose when Faith No More toured with Guns N' Roses in 1991:

While on that tour, Patton takes a s--t in a container of orange juice, carefully seals it back up, and puts it in Axl's Rose's tour van.

Wait, there's more:

During the European leg of the same tour, Patton poops on a bench outside Kensington Palace. Patton is not above using piss to make his point either. When in Seville, Spain, a fan throws a bottle full of urine at the band, Patton picks it up, climbs on top of Axl [Rose's] monitor and pours it over his head. Later, in a 1995 video interview in Venice, the band discuss an incident in Lyon, France, wherein Patton pees in a cup and drinks it in front of a horrified crowd.

Read all the disgusting details here.

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