With his new album, 'I Love You, Honeybear,' hitting record stores in a few weeks, Father John Misty braved the "post-blizzard" streets of New York to perform two songs for the crew at Spotify.

With a karaoke machine in hand, J. Tillman stopped by the Spotify offices to give the employees an absolutely unforgettable "concert." Tillman sang 'I Love You, Honeybear' and 'Bored In the USA' for the crowd, and while that may seem like your typical performance, he added some quirkiness by taking a few moments during the song to stop singing and chat with the crowd -- and yes, even sang some of the bars off-key.

Watch 'I Love You, Honebear' in the video above and 'Bored In the USA' below, followed by a shot of Tillman in Times Square:

Watch Father John Misty Perform 'Bored In the USA'

'I love You, Honeybear' drops on Feb. 10 via Sub Pop.