Field Report's upcoming self-titled debut is guaranteed to be one of the most crushingly soulful albums of the year. There are some songs that, from the first few guitar plucks, let you know you're in for a doozy -- uncovering layers of nostalgia, they bury you deep inside some layers of yourself that feel both sonically new and emotionally familiar, like a well-worn baseball mitt. The band's single 'I Am Not Waiting Anymore' is one of those tracks. Give it a spin and download it here.

Chris Porterfield is a former bandmate of Justin Vernon, of Bon Iver fame. The two used to play together in the band DeYarmond, but Porterfield left when they relocated to North Carolina. "I got married, bought a house, got a dog," he says, and he kept writing. And writing. And writing. Five years later, a set of songs emerged so gorgeous that he attracted the attention of Paul Kolderie to produce (who also produced Wilco, Radiohead and Pixies) and was invited by the Counting Crows to open for them this summer.

The debut was recorded in Justin Vernon's studio, April Base. After five years of writing, you might think that the songs would sound overwrought or stale. But 'I Am Not Waiting Anymore' is timeless the way Springsteen's 'Nebraska' is timeless. "It wasn’t five years making the record," Porterfield says. "It was five years writing songs and killing songs."

The ones he let live are devastating, in the best way possible. Grab the free download below, and watch out for 'Field Report,' out on Sept. 11 on Partisan Records.

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