Fiona Apple may not look like she puts down to many of Chipotle's gargantuan, 37-pound burritos, but there must be something about the Mexican-food franchise that got her to cover a song for one of the company's buzzed-about video clips about the evils of factory farming.

The three-and-a-half minute animated clip -- which follows Willie Nelson and Karen O's similarly themed videos for Chipotle -- is called 'The Scarecrow,' and it follows the daily adventures of a stuffed man as he tours a positively Orwellian factory farm. Apple contributes a new version of 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory''s 'Pure Imagination,' which plays like a lullaby on its way to a scarier corner of dreamland.

If you're not certain where Chipotle (and Apple, presumably) stands on factory farming, let the machines stamping "100 percent beef-ish" on product and the "all-natural" building where chickens are injected with something that makes them plump to something very unnatural clue you in.

It's all, in that Fiona Apple kinda way, totally depressing -- especially a scene in which our scarecrow peers into a crate and spots a bunch of boxed-in and super-sad cows.

But there's hope in the end, when his perpetual frown turns upside down after spotting a pepper sprouting on a vine at his home. Before you know it, he's slicing and dicing a whole batch of fresh ingredients that he eventually piles into tacos, burritos and other fresh food that looks an awful lot like something you'd get at Chipotle. For the finale, the scarecrow shoos aside -- literally and figuratively -- the crow that's been hanging over his shoulder and looks forward to "a better world."

We loved the Nelson clip when it came out two years ago, and we're into this one too. Apple's melancholy take on 'Pure Imagination' -- spare at first, but it blossoms into a full orchestral set piece -- perfectly sets the somber mood. The animation is great too. After you dust yourself off from this "dystopian fantasy world" (Chipotle's words, not ours), head over to here and download the game, so you can relive the nightmare over and over again.