Missing Fiona Apple? Well, if you happen to live in France, you'll soon get a chance to see more of her. According to Tecco Apple (a Brazilian website dedicated to . . . well, we're not really sure, but it could be Fiona Apple), the singer-songwriter will appear in one episode of a new French TV show called 'H-Man.'

Apple will play Feux Verts, a hostage at a nuclear power plant in Germany. Because the show centers on a superhero who calls himself H-Man, maybe it's a setup for some daring rescue. Who knows? But as the above video shows, it looks like one hell of a ride.

The series will begin airing next month. The show's creator, Joseph Cavill, and Apple have worked together before. Cavill directed the video for Apple's 'Every Single Night.' And if the strange and surreal nature of that video is any indication, this new show will be a doozy.

Cahill calls 'H-Man' “a series of delusions influenced by many American blockbusters.” The show, which will air on the European channel Arte, will play out over 10 five-minute episodes. Apple will appear in the sixth, just in case you don't have the time or patience to sit through the first 25 minutes.