With their tour in full swing, First Aid Kit dropped by 'Conan' last night (Nov. 11) to perform their latest single, 'Stay Gold.'

If you've seen the Söderberg sisters perform live recently, you'll notice that their outfits are pretty much the same -- aside from Johanna's black leather skirt. But at least, we know they're consistent and keeping to their gilded theme. While a bit more chilled out than their recent performance in New York, they show that their vocals hardly waiver as they sing in perfect harmony.

Johanna and Klara Söderberg will be playing tonight (Nov. 12) in Los Angeles and will continue touring the U.S. till Nov. 22.

And although their album, 'Stay Gold,' is out now, First Aid Kit will also be releasing 'America,' a 10-inch special EP that will be part of Record Store Day Black Friday on Nov. 28.