Florence Welch and her band, Florence and the Machine, will release their third studio albumHow Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, on June 2, and in preparation, the British artist has unveiled the music video for its beautiful single "St. Jude." You can watch it below.

Directed by Vincent Haycock, "St. Jude" picks up where the video for "What Kind of Man" left off, continuing the relationship-themed story depicting Welch wandering through some glum scenery. In a press release, the director stated, "It’s obviously about relationships, but it’s also about Florence traveling through our version of the Divine Comedy," essentially depicting what he feels to be "the first layer of Hell."

The new album will serve as the band's follow-up to 2011's Ceremonials, and it will be released via Island Records.

Watch Florence and the Machine's Video for "St. Jude"