Foo Fighters just wrapped up the headline-generating North American stretch of their Sonic Highways tour, and soon, they will embark on another leg in Europe -- including a stop in Cesena, Italy, thanks to that viral fan-made video over the summer.

The video brought 1,000 diehard Foo Fighters fans together to play “Learn to Fly” in unison (if you need a refresher or just want to enjoy it a second time, it can be seen up above). The impressive undertaking attracted the attention of many, including the Foo Fighters themselves. Dave Grohl responded in a promising tweet, writing, “See you soon, Cesena,” in Italian.

Now, Grohl and company have confirmed their plans for a show in the Northern Italy city. They’ll kick off their European tour with a show at the Carisport in Cesena on Nov. 3. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning (Oct. 23). Grohl had this message for the band’s Italian fans:

I’ll never forget that day that my phone was flooded with texts from friends, all saying “Have you seen this???”, “Amazing!”, “So insane!” with an anonymous YouTube link attached. Assuming it was just another “CAT GETTING STUCK IN A PAPER BAG” video, I didn’t bite at first, but after the 10,000th message, I clicked the link and was absolutely blown away by what I saw. To see so many people put so much time, and effort, and love into making music moved me to tears. And the fact that it was a Foo Fighters song…well…it’s hard to put into words how humbled that made me feel. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life. I walked outside, sat on the grass, turned my camera on and immediately responded (in my best broken Italian)

Stiamo arrivando! Prometto!

Translation for the last bit: “We’re coming! I promise!”

That concert will be the first stop in the Foo Fighters' European tour followed by 10 more dates, some of which will make up for the shows the band had to cancel following Grohl’s leg injury at a concert in Sweden last summer.

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