Thanks to album leaks and all-you-can-eat streaming models, earnest anticipation can feel sorely missed from modern music fandom. Cue the rise of surprise albums and shows and countdowns to announcements of albums and shows (see: Deerhunter, Wilco, et al.).

Foo Fighters are the latest to tease a forthcoming announcement with a mysterious countdown on their website, and it has fans speculating what might happen when the clock runs out on Nov. 23.

You can see the countdown clock right here. The page features the Foo Fighters logo in a crest that some fans have pointed out resembles a highway sign -- particularly the Route 66 sign. There’s also some kind of statue along with an audio loop of mostly background noise, but you can briefly hear Dave Grohl’s voice, too.

Your guess is as good as ours as to what this all might mean, but some fans have estimated the logo's similarity to a road sign could be indicative of the second season of their award-winning Sonic Highways. The HBO docu-series premiered last year and followed the band across eight U.S. cities and detailed each stop’s unique music history. The Foo Fighters also recorded their most recent album of the same name along that journey.

Others yet are wondering if a new album or concert announcement is imminent. The latter would be particularly surprising considering the band is set to wrap up their current tour -- which has kept them ridiculously busy settling decades-old rivalries, publicly shaming the Westboro Baptist Church and covering Rush, like, a lot -- in Barcelona days before the countdown concludes (and the band just announced a special concert in Italy as a result of a viral fan-made video). As for the former, Grohl recently revealed the band has recorded five new songs.

The most ingenious guess has to go to those wondering if Nov. 23 will be the day, at long last, Grohl removes the leg cast that has confined him to his massive, gliding throne throughout the entire Sonic Highways tour.

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