Breaking news: Frank Ocean smokes pot -- and he's not afraid to admit it.

A few days after getting getting pulled over for speeding and busted for marijuana possession in Mono County, Calif., the singer took to Twitter to confirm what the police had already told us -- and to unveil a few details of his BMW M3, the sweet ride he was cruising in when he was stopped.


Ocean obviously loves his wheels, but he may have to start taking limos for awhile. The singer has had his driver's license temporarily suspended and faces those pesky weed possession charges.

The charges stem from a total of two police stops, actually. Police pulled Ocean over on Sunday (Dec. 30) in Mono County, Calif., and cited him for driving 90 mph in a 65 mph zone. The following day, on New Year's Eve, he was stopped there once again for doing the same speed, and that's when officers noticed the scent of marijuana. A small bag of marijuana was then found by the cops, who also cited Ocean for driving with a suspended driver's license and having tinted front windows.