Thanks to Stevie Wonder, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and jazz-pop chanteuse Norah Jones have come together for an Everly Brothers tribute. Got all that?

That's right: Armstrong and Jones have announced the Nov. 25 release of 'Foreverly,' a track-for-track update of the 1958 Everlys album 'Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.' (Stream the track 'Long Time Gone' below.) In joint an interview with Stereogum, the two recall meeting 10 years ago at the Grammys, where they sang with Wonder and a group of other musicians.

Fast-forward to about two years ago, when Armstrong got super into the Everylys record and started dreaming of a co-ed remake, and thus was born a seemingly unlikely collaboration that actually isn't that unlikely. Armstrong, after all, has been harmonizing with Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt for years, and Jones has been known to rock out with her punk band El Madmo.

In true punk fashion, the duo reportedly knocked the album out in just nine days, and Jones said the best part of the 'Foreverly' project was having "no agenda." They simply hired a bassist and drummer and hit the ground running.

"We got to experiment a lot but we didn’t linger on anything, we didn’t over-think anything, which was just really nice," Jones told Stereogum, describing the New York City sessions. "I like working with people like him because he’s fast, smart, and he’s focused, and he’s present. There’s no bullshit. It was fun and it was easy."

"The reason why it was fast was because we were just really kind of getting to the heart of making it really simple," Armstrong added. It is rootsy sounding, for lack of a better word. I don’t know, it sounds really pure to me. And honest. And that’s what I brought away and took home from the project.