If Grimes wanted us to expect one thing from her upcoming album, Art Angels, when she shared “Flesh Without Blood” and “Life in the Vivid Dream” at the week’s onset, she’s effectively turned that on its head today (Oct. 30) with the newly unveiled “Scream.”

“Scream” is a collaboration between Claire Boucher and Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes, who delivers rapid-fire Mandarin verses alongside Boucher’s actual screams and growls. Take a listen above; the two-headed creature bearing toothbrush and axe at the bottom of the page is the single artwork and an apt visualization for how this song sounds.

On the flipside, “Flesh Without Blood” and “Life in the Vivid Dream,” which Grimes compiled in a six-minute music video that hit the web on Monday, were the cheeriest, saccharine pieces of pop. The video, however, was terrifically discordant, as Boucher went from cowboy hat-wearing angel, blood-soaked Marie Antoinette at the tennis court and “Smooth Criminal” music video extra.

Art Angels is due out Nov. 6 via 4AD. A physical edition will follow on Dec. 11. You can pre-order the digital download at iTunes, while CD, vinyl and cassette copies can be purchased at the 4AD website. Take a look at the complete track list below.


Art Angels Track List
1. "Laughing and Not Being Normal"
2. "California"
3. "SCREAM" (feat. Aristophanes)
4. "Flesh Without Blood"
5. "Belly of the Beat"
6. "Kill V. Maim"
7. "Artangels"
8. "Easily"
9. "Pin"
10. "REALiTi"
11. "World Princess Part II"
12. "Venus Fly" (feat. Janelle Monáe)
13. "Life in the Vivid Dream"
14. "Butterfly"

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