If you're like us, you barely have time to digest each new Guided by Voices album before Robert Pollard has another one ready to go. Today (Dec. 21), the band announced that their next album, 'English Little League,' will be released on April 30.

'English Little League,' will be GBV's fourth album in a little more than a year, coming only five months after 'The Bears for Lunch,' which was released in November. Earlier in 2012 they put out 'Let's Go Eat at the Factory' and 'Class Clown Spots a UFO.'

Guided by Voices has always been incredibly prolific, and between 1986 and 2004, they issued 16 albums and 16 EPs. In the time between their breakup and 2010 reunion, Pollard averaged two full-length albums a year. So, while four albums in 16 months -- and an EP called 'Down by the Racetrack' coming on January 22 -- may seem like a lot, it's about part for the course for the Dayton, Ohio, lo-fi legends.

Not much is known about 'English Little League' so far. Consequence of Sound lists three song titles, 'Xeno Pariah,' 'With Glass in Foot' and 'The Sudden Death of Epstein's Ways.'

Although GBV has had many members over the years, with Pollard as the lone constant, the reunion has featured the early-to-mid-90s "classic lineup" of Pollard, guitarists Tobin Sprout and Mitch Mitchell, drummer Kevin Fennell and bassist Greg Demos, the same musicians who made the influential 'Bee Thousand' in 1994.