That's right -- soon, you'll be able to purchase Haim's newest single, 'My Song 5,' while satisfying your inner record collector. The 7-inch will be shaped like bandmember Alana Hiam, or at least some of her. The picture disc, intentionally or not, seems to pay homage to Alana's predilection for short cut-off jean shorts. Check it out below.


The group made the announcement via their collective Twitter:

Side A features the album version of 'My Song 5' and side B has the remixed version with A$AP Ferg. Fans can pre-order the single now from Amazon. The listing on Amazon says this is "very limited," so if you want one, acting now might be in your best interest.

The single becomes available Oct. 27. If that seems like a long time to wait, maybe watching the video for 'My Song 5' will help:

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