Brunch is one of the best meals you can partake of. It's got the best foods from breakfast and lunch, and there's almost always alcohol involved. A nice Saturday brunch is the perfect way to follow up a nice Friday night of debauchery. That is, unless your brunch goes anything like the one in the above video.

It seems like there's a good chance the waitress who kicks off the violence in 'Horror Brunch' had a pretty gnarly night out too, but probably not at a bar. Her night out most likely involved a small animal, an ancient book, one of those curvy-bladed knives and a freshly dug grave. Or maybe she just got tired of refilling coffee for those yuppies. They look like they'd been taking up that table long after they finished their meals.

S--- gets real once the silverware stars flying. And like all of the best horror stories, there's no rhyme or reason to the mayhem. Sometimes it's people who are possessed, but other times it's objects that are possessed, like the chef's butcher knife. And how is that grapefruit spinning like that?

If you look closely, you'll notice a few nods to some classic horror films. A small alien bursts out of one bruncher's chest, laughing at some joke we must've missed. Then there's a Norman Bates lookalike running around, perhaps trying to get away from his mother. Her skeletal corpse is also getting in on the action, so that probably freaked him out.

Our favorite bit, though, is the one guy who doesn't seem to notice anything going on around him. He just keeps drinking his coffee, oblivious to the screams and fountains of blood. When he does finally notice the carnage, he's ready to go. He's probably gonna have to wait a while for his check, though. The waitress looked extra busy.

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