The virtues of exercise are practically uncountable. Regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep, give you more energy and help you lose weight. It can, apparently, also inspire creative pursuits like painting and mixing blended drinks. That's what this video seems to indicate anyway. Los Angeles artist John Kilduff has been multitasking for a live audience for more than 10 years now. We're hoping he's gotten better at it.

After fielding some calls from viewers who don't seem as enthusiastic about walking and painting and blending drinks at the same time, Kilduff puts his brush to the canvas. He does struggle to get the last of the red paint out of the can so he can glop it onto the painting, but thriftiness is another trait to be admired. So kudos to the host for that.

While the public-access show is no longer on the air, Kilduff still remains an active voice in the L.A. scene. He broadcasts live shows via YouTube and posts other videos to his website. He is currently trying to raise funds for a gallery show he's working on. The showing will be of, as he puts it, "... life-sized cardboard cars."

He says he needs money to buy materials such as, well, cardboard, and paint. He's also going to need money to print brochures so he can let as many people as possible know about his cardboard car show.

Kilduff's intentions are good, though. He said he wants to encourage people to start painting or to take on other forms of creative expression. His painting technique involves first covering the entire canvas in paint as quickly as possible. He thinks a blank canvas can be intimidating, so he fills up the white space before doing anything else.

He does also wear blue latex gloves, which may be an indication that he's an agent with otherworldly powers and is part of a secret government task force, a la 'Firefly.' Maybe he went rogue and decided to be an artist instead of a killer.