If you take to Yelp to read reviews of Ronnie's Hot Bagels and Cafe in Hillsdale, N.J., you might instead learn the story behind one of the songs on Bleachers' debut, 'Strange Desire.' The same goes for Point Dume State Beach in Malibu, Parc du Mont-Royal in Montreal and eight more locations.

That's because frontman Jack Antonoff (also of fun.) has posted the origins of all 11 songs on 'Strange Desire' in Yelp reviews of the corresponding locales that helped inspire the particular tracks. From the guitar shop in Teaneck, N.J., that Antonoff frequented while working on 'Wild Heart' to the hotel in Japan where he wrote 'Who I Want You to Love,' Antonoff connects each place with the emotions and events he experienced while creating the album.

For example, on the page for Iron Works Barbecue in Austin, Atonoff explains how the song 'Reckless Love' came to be:

"So I'm waiting in line at Iron Works -- and it was a day that I had been really s---ty to myself. Started thinking about how bizarre it is that we can treat the people around us with compassion and somehow not be able to apply the same to ourselves. If we could learn to be as kind to ourselves as we occasionally are to others, life would be so much more livable. So I'm online and I kept having this thought that the way we love ourselves is reckless, a reckless love. I got the giant bag of BBQ, went back to the hotel and started writing."

But instead of having to blindly search all of Yelp for all those locations, you can read each of Antonoff's "reviews" on his profile. But before you do that, check out Bleachers' video for 'I Wanna Get Better,' which came it at No. 9 last week on our Top 10 Video Countdown.

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