Jack White took a little trip to the City of Roses (or perhaps we should call it 'The City Where Young People Go to Retire?') last night (Dec. 17) when he made a quick cameo appearance in the Christmas episode of 'Portlandia,' the IFC sketch comedy starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. In the skit, Armisen plays a producer with a serious Brian Wilson fixation who shows off his studio, which is stocked with an arsenal of vintage recording gear. Sadly, he has no musicians booked to actually use the facility, but then White shows up at the end of the clip as a ghostly apparition, ready to rock. Perhaps White is finally gearing up for his inevitable 'Pet Sounds' phase?

'Portlandia' isn't White's first acting gig by a long shot. He played himself in Jim Jarmusch's 'Coffee and Cigarettes,' a mandolin player named Georgia in the Hollywood blockbuster 'Cold Mountain' and Elvis Presley in mockumentary 'Walk Hard,' among other roles. Last week, it was announced that another film-related project had been nixed, as White was replaced by Hans Zimmer as the composer of the forthcoming 'The Lone Ranger' soundtrack.