Kendrick Lamar played a surprise gig on the back of a moving truck in Hollywood a couple weeks ago and it was good fun for all involved, but what seemingly got lost in the shuffle about the spectacle is that the show also served as the launch of Reebok's new sneaker, the ZPump Fusion. The Lamar-Reebok connection was made clearer today (April 6), when Lamar appeared in a new ad for Reebok's Ventilator Day Glo running shoe, which you can watch above.

"For people out there striving for something new, unexpected and yet classic, Reebok presents the Ventilator," the video description says. "In an era when 'fitting in' means following someone else’s lead, we encourage you to move in your own direction. Claim your distinction. Be bold."

The low-cut shoe retails for $74.99 and is currently available in black and solar yellow.

"Capturing the electric energy found within unforgettable days and even hotter nights, Reebok Classic’s latest iteration of the Ventilator puts a bold, neon spin on the classic silhouette," reads the product description. "Fearless and unapologetic, the bright colorways that make up this unique pack are for those not afraid to stand out or stand up."

The new ad is just one of Lamar's many ventures from the past month: He debuted the video for "King Kunta" on a billboard in Times Square, hinted at new music with Dr. Dre, and is getting ready — probably in a fresh pair of Ventilator Day Glo's — to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game on April 27.

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