Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman has reportedly disappeared after "maligning both the Cult and the Mission" and apparently cancelling his band's upcoming plans to tour with the both groups, according to a Facebook post from his bandmates.

"He is now AWOL and has not contacted any of his band mates," the post continues. "We are deeply embarrassed by this and offer our sincere apologies to all involved. We are all concerned about our missing singer's welfare."

Killing Joke were scheduled to join the Cult and the Mission this September on a five-date U.K. tour, but after the concerts were downgraded to smaller venues last month, Coleman posted his own rant on Facebook bashing the groups. "All their songs suck," read his note, which has since been taken down. "They clearly have no integrity."

It is now clear he posted that note without consulting his bandmates, who "would still like to honor [their] commitment to this tour, the other bands, and all the ... people who have already bought tickets and made travel arrangements," continues their own note. The only problem? They don't know where their singer is.

"Meanwhile we are doing everything we can to make this tour happen and locate our missing singer," concludes the post from the British post-punk vets.

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