Since Sonic Youth went belly-up in 2011, Kim Gordon has had fun doing whatever she wants. Her latest endeavor is acting in a German "techno horror" film called Der Nachtmahr, or "The Nightmare," to which Gordon also contributed some music. Check out the trailer below: Gordon first appears at the 1:17 mark.

Gordon's role is as a teacher who reads William Blake to protagonist Tina’s class, according to director Akiz. We're not entirely sure of the film's plot since the trailer is in German, but Dazed has a colorful description:

Re-set Spring Breakers in Berlin, mix in a sinister version of E.T., the dream logic of David Lynch’s Lost Highway and a strong tab of acid, and you’re near the feel of Der Nachtmahr, in which 17-year-old Tina starts being visited by a strange creature.

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