Kurt Vile is all about his three-year-old daughter, whose name the indie rocker seems to go out of his way to keep under wraps. Kurt's commercial-cum-video for the title track to his latest album, 'Wakin On a Pretty Daze,' features the rocker sitting in his house listening to the tune on a turntable, but the star of the show is little Vile, who dances and frolics along to the music, looking like a natural in front of the camera.

Vile and his wife, Suzanne, just celebrated the arrival of a second little one, and Kurt seems to think his offspring will be lifelong fans of his music. "My wife Suzanne plays [six-month-old] Delphine my music when she’s crying and she’ll stop," he says. "She definitely knows it’s me. It’s a blood, intuitive kind of thing."

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