Kurt Vile does nothing on a small scale. This, we know. He announced his album title via mural on a building in Philadelphia, and now, the rocker will throw a parade in the City of Brotherly Love on Saturday, March 30. A parade, you ask? Yes, a parade. Why is the singer staging such an event on Easter weekend in his (and Rocky Balboa's) hometown?

Well, NME.com thinks it's for a video shoot, and that certainly seems like a reasonable explanation.

The event, which will be hosted by comedian Tom Scharpling, will take place at a secret location in Killadelphia. The city is known for its annual Mummers Parade, held on New Year's Day. We're left to wonder if this Kurt Vile parade will be culturally similar!

In a message on its website, Vile's label, Matador, told Philly fans eager to participate to email kurtvileparade@gmail.com in order to get all the pertinent details, such as time and location. If you're around this weekend, why not shoot an email to the address and do it up?

Vile will drop 'Wakin on a Pretty Daze,' his fifth solo album, on April 8. He's called it "classic, epic with many more solos."