In her new noir-inspired video for 'Shades of Cool,' Lana Del Rey comes on like a ghostly presence. She twirls like Stevie Nicks, sounds like a smoky Kate Bush and takes on the translucent glow of Casper.

It's all very moody and gloomy -- and pretty much what we expect from the singer-songwriter these days. After admitting that she wishes she was "dead already" in an interview last week, this girl's dark streak is on full display in 'Shades of Cool.'

But what's with the skeevy old guy? That's her boyfriend? Surely, the 27-year-old singer can do better than that. We get the whole femme fatale thing Del Rey goes for here (and with the rest of her career, for that matter), but a little more self-respect. Please.

'Shades of Cool' is the second single from Del Rey's new album, 'Ultraviolence,' which is out today. It's a deep, dark and mult-layered listen, aided in part by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, who produced and does a few other things.

The slow-mo, flickering images of the video certainly fit the doomed sound of 'Shades of Cool.' It all erupts in a colorful burst of fashion, fruit and guitar solo that lets a few rays of sunshine into Del Rey's dusty, dusky world. And at almost six minutes, it has time to build. Cool stuff indeed.

And here's the equally cool video for the album's first single, 'West Coast':