Singers like Lana Del Rey and Lorde continue to change the face of pop music for the better. The latest by Del Rey, 'West Coast,' is strong proof.

The chamber-pop singer just released the video for the new song today, which somehow made it online for five whole minutes yesterday before it was taken down. The clip is essentially the full version of the black-and-white scenes that unspooled over the song's audio a few weeks ago.

Watch as Del Rey frolics on the beach, splashes in the Pacific Ocean and chills in a top-down car smoking a cigarette with a bunch of guys. And it all ends in a blazing fire.

The song, the first single from her upcoming album ‘Ultraviolence,' is a smooth and seductive summer jam, complete with a solid instrumental base that’s totally rifftastic (in a very Black Keys kinda way, thanks to producer Dan Auerbach). It pairs well with the singer’s deadly, attractive voice. The first half of 'West Coast' will get you rocking, while its breakdown will calm you down.

No word on when 'Ultraviolence' will be released, but rumors are swirling that it may be sometime next month. Until then, enjoy the cool sounds (and visuals) of 'West Coast' above.