Marc Maron is probably still riding the high of talking with President Barack Obama on a recent episode of his WTF podcast, and while that's hard to follow, his most recent guest is still pretty cool: Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace visited Maron's garage for the latest episode of WTF, which you can listen to here.

According to the episode's description, Maron and Grace talk about her "experiences as a trans woman in a punk rock world. Laura tells Marc how she got her start in music, why punk rock was such a natural fit and the many ways her life changed as she transitioned."

This conversation seems to have been possible thanks to a tweet Maron sent Grace back in December 2014, simply asking if she wanted to talk:

As for Against Me!, the band recently announced a new live album, 23 Live Sex Acts, which features recordings from their 2014 world tour and some NSFW cover art.

Against Me! – "Black Me Out" (Official Performance Video)

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