The Norwegian electronic group Lemaitre provide the bubbly soundtrack for the new iPhone 5c commercial that shows off the new phone's redesign.

As splashy images zip through the phone's additions and upgrades, the group's equally zippy (and Daft Punk-like) '1:18' rolls underneath the nearly minute-long clip, which is called 'Designed Together.' The song comes from Lemaitre's 2010 EP 'The Friendly Sound.'

The commercial follows another recent one for the same iPhone that features Sleigh Bells' 'Rill Rill.' We like that one a little better, since the psychedelic imagery that comes together in 30 seconds blows our minds. But this ad is almost as colorful, and the first five seconds or so, as sound waves slip into some of the iPhone's new features, is pretty cool.

We also get a better idea here of what the new phone, and its awesome new operating system, looks like in 'Designed Together.' Lemaitre's instrumental track rolls alongside playfully, giving us an eyeful and earful of Apple's latest upgrade. Plus, there's some product placement for the group at the halfway mark, when the title of its song and EP cover art pop up onscreen.

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