Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman) is rapidly becoming the indie answer to Dave Grohl. He's not only incredibly talented and prolific, he's also got acerbic wit and just enough contempt for the status quo to often point out some of the inherent ridiculousness built into the business he's chosen.

Case in point: During recent shows, Tillman has taken to turning the encore into a Q&A session with audience members. “Thank you for going through the empty motions of this ritual devoid of meaning called the encore,” he said during a concert in Australia. “This brazen image of spontaneity. Believe it or not, I was half-way to the bus.”

Tillman has put together a 16-minute reel of some of the best of these sessions, which includes his answers to questions like "What do you order at the Olive Garden?" and "How does sex work?"

Check it out below.

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