No matter the art form, sequels and spinoffs aren't usually as successful as the originals -- but with 1987's 'Earth, Sun, Moon,' the members of Love and Rockets truly started establishing their own identity apart from their former lives in the legendary goth band Bauhaus, scoring a sizable alt-rock hit along the way. In the process, they may also have provided inspiration for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs nearly 20 years later.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs most specifically channeled Love and Rockets on 'Gold Lion,' a track from their 2006 album 'Show Your Bones.' Unlike much of the band's earlier work, 'Lion' rests on an acoustic guitar riff -- one which sounded instantly familiar to fans who remembered Love and Rockets' first hit, 'No New Tale to Tell.'

Released as a single from 'Earth, Sun, Moon,' 'No New Tale to Tell' broke the Top 20 on the Mainstream Rock chart while marking Love and Rockets' shift toward incorporating acoustic instruments -- a significant break from Bauhaus' gloomy electric overtones. And while there's nothing fancy about the riff the band wrote for 'Tale to Tell,' it's hard to dispute the argument that 'Gold Lion' uses pretty much the same exact chord progression.

While neither band has commented on the similarity between the songs, a number of critics heard echoes of the past in 'Gold Lion' -- including Allmusic, who said the song sounds like "a mash-up of Love and Rockets' 'No New Tale to Tell' and Siouxsie and the Banshees' 'Peek a Boo.'"

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