'We won't leave without a fight,' Jessica Corazza sings on the soaring new Manicanparty tune 'Rebels in the Light,' and the inspiring delivery of her words makes it easy to decide which side you're on: the Manicaparty side, of course. Corazza is joined by producer Patrick Morrissey in the alternative pop duo, which relocated to Brooklyn, N.Y., after cutting its teeth in the Midwest (the regional music hotspot of Minnesota, to be precise). 'Rebels in the Light' is the first single off their forthcoming self-titled EP, due later this summer.

It'll be worth the wait. Manicanparty have earned favorable comparisons to buzz bands like MGMT and Yeasayer -- and it only takes one listen to figure out why. Combining tribal drumming highlighted by some fierce djembe, lush electronic instrumentation and Corazza's stunningly fresh and powerful vocals, backed by a chorus of "ooh ooh ooh," 'Rebels' is the type of tune that's hard to pin down --  but it's easy to not care about that fact. File this one under awesome.

Manicanparty have yet to issue even a full EP, but they do have a video for 'Rebels in the Light' under their belts. The clip depicts people rummaging around a junkyard in what could be a 'Mad Max'-like post-apocalyptic world, with Corazza and Morrissey running their finds through some sort of contraption that turns them into tiny blue flowers. How pretty!
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