Instead of Jerry, George and Kramer, we have Mario, Toad and Luigi! And it's quite brilliant.

A YouTube user named EsquirebobAnimations has posted a video depicting the face of the videogame industry in a new but familiar way . . . not that there's anything wrong with that. In the above video, Mario represents Seinfeld, Toad is George and Luigi stands in for Kramer. And the way that each of these game characters correlate to their Seinfeld counterparts is a near perfect fit in both premise and execution.

The way that Mario bickers with his friends about the things he reluctantly has do falls right in place with Jerry's biting sarcasm and whiny persona. Toad, like George, is envious of his best friend's success and wishes that he had what Seinfeld/Mario has. Toad complains just as much as George does and is laughed at (by both cast and live audience alike) whenever he tries to take some of Mario's shine.

Luigi does an excellent reenactment of Kramer, but with 100 percent less racist meltdowns! Luigi has always been the awkward-but-funny member of the group, so Kramer is a perfect choice for Mario's weirdo brother.

The resulting conversation among the three characters about women (specifically, Princess Peach), taking the spotlight (player one vs. player two) and kooky annoying neighbors (Bowser) applies perfectly to both Mario's and Seinfeld's worlds.

Who knew that applying the 'Seinfeld' formula to the Super Mario Bros.' universe would be more entertaining than the TV show? At least it offers a fresh perspective on the series after all these years. There might not be a Soup Nazi, but hopefully Waluigi could play him in the next installment.

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