Back in March, Queens-based singer-songwriter Matt Sucich performed his single, “The Lonely Dreamer,” for Hooke Audio’s Live Sessions, which in turn transformed the song with 3D audio. Now, Sucich and Hooke Audio have teamed up once again, this time to record his song “My Only Problem With You.”

Sucich and his bandmate, Kiyoshi Matsuyama, perform the song in the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, which pretty much looks just how it sounds -- a tourist pitstop thrown together with discarded surfboards, bicycles and more. See for yourself in the video above and make sure to plug in your headphones to get the complete effect of Hooke’s 3D audio.

“True story: Did you know you can go 80mph on certain highways in TX? Kiyoshi and I drove 14 hours from Nashville to Austin, we got out of the car ON TIME at the Cathedral of Junk, and immediately performed for the Hooke 3D Audio folks,” Sucich writes in a Facebook post. “We gave them two takes, they used one.”

“This place was weird,” he continues. “I hope you dig this mellow version of what’s become a live staple, full-band, barn-burning, break-up song.”

Sucich’s most recent full-length, Layers, landed back in 2012. While we’re still waiting for a follow-up, Sucich dropped a new single, “Mirages” -- hopefully a sign of things to come -- just last month. Take a listen to the song here.

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