A debate recently sprouted on Diffuser between two of our columnists, Tim Karan and Chris Kissel.

In a recent piece titled "Will There Ever Be Another Seattle? How the Internet Killed Music Scenes," Mr. Karan asserts that in today's world, the need to actually be physically close to a local music scene in order to experience its aesthetic doesn't exist; the internet has changed the way music is created, distributed and consumed.

Mr. Kissel addressed those thoughts in "The Internet Didn’t Kill Music Scenes -- We Did," and promotes the sentiment that if music scenes are to thrive in this digitally-focused society, we need to return to creating burgeoning -- and local -- record labels.

So, in Episode 006 of Diffuser Radio, we invite the two columnists -- along with Mark Curdo of WCYY in Portland, Maine, and Diffuser's Editor-in-Chief, Chuck Armstrong -- to the roundtable to dissect the conversation.

Additionally, we chat with our friend Matt Sucich about this very topic; who better to talk about local music than a singer-songwriter who is entrenched in the scene of New York City?

You can listen to the episode below via Soundcloud, or subscribe to Diffuser Radio at iTunes:

As Diffuser Radio continues to evolve, we want to make sure to include you in its growth -- so if you have a topic for an upcoming roundtable or have an artist in mind that you think we should interview, let us know! Leave a comment below and we'll do everything we can to make it work.

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