Metric singer Emily Haines told that her band's latest single, 'Youth Without Youth,' was inspired by the idea of a troubled teenager on meth, but you won't find anything quite that dark in the new music video for the song. The clip features Haines and her bandmates performing the song in a plain studio, with a few abstract artsy shots thrown in.

In between close-up shots of Haines singing and the rest of the group playing their instruments, viewers are treated to a series of unusual images. There's a handcuffed drummer, praying children, a white rabbit, an old woman clutching a rifle, a fallen knight in armor, a toy gun and football players preparing to collide. All these images appear while Haines sings the track about kids who are deprived of a proper childhood.

We also see recurring shots of a girl stacking several layers of cake on top of one another, while contrasting clips show someone building a tower of car tires. The tires finally get pushed over in the end, but the video cuts off before they hit the ground.

'Youth Without Youth' is taken from the Canadian indie band's fifth album, 'Synthetica,' which is finally in stores now. The song has entered the Top 20 on the Alternative Songs chart.

Watch the Metric 'Youth Without Youth' Video