Today (Aug. 19) marks the release date of a deluxe reissue of We Care a Lot, the 1985 debut by Faith No More. In a new interview, bassist Billy Gould discussed the new set while also commenting on the possibility of a follow-up to 2015’s reunion album, Sol Invictus.

Speaking to Bulgaria's Tangra Mega Rock (embedded above), Gould said that it was a bit of a fluke that We Care a Lot wound up being their first record. “It was originally a demo tape and we decided to go to a really nice studio and try to make it sound good,” he noted.  “Maybe if it sounded good we get a recording deal out of it. And we recorded this thing and we got signed in a week.”

At the time of the recording of We Care a Lot, guitarist Jim Martin had recently joined the band, and vocals were provided by Chuck Mosley, who reunited with the group (except Martin) last night at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. They’ll play again tomorrow night at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

This new version was remastered from the original tapes, which were discovered in Gould’s basement while he was cleaning. In addition, the set contains new mixes of three songs — “We Care a Lot,” “Pills for Breakfast” and “As the Worm Turns” — by Matt Wallace, who produced or co-produced their first four records. There are also demos of four tracks and two live recordings.

As for new music, Gould admitted to being in the dark on the concept. “I really have no idea,” he said. “I mean, really. I think that when we decide that we're gonna do something, we're going to announce it together. I don't think it would be fair for me to say anything."

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