Faith No More will celebrate the deluxe reissue of their debut album We Care a Lot by performing two shows with original vocalist Chuck Mosley.

As explained in the above video, the shows will be credited to Chuck Mosley and Friends, and will find Mosley joined by Mike Bordin, Billy Gould, Jon Hudson and Roddy Bottum. The first concert, scheduled for Aug. 18, will take place at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco; the band will then travel to Los Angeles, where they're booked for the Troubadour on Aug. 20.

We Care a Lot, originally released in 1985, has been out of print for 20 years. In a press release announcing the upcoming reissue, bassist Bill Gould explained, "This was an album that started as a demo, before any label had any interest in us. ... When cleaning out my basement, I discovered the original master reels, and we all thought that resurrecting this from the original tapes would be a great way to reintroduce We Care a Lot into the world. Lastly, this has been a band effort; we are releasing this in the same way as we recorded it, deciding everything amongst ourselves and getting our hands deep into the nuts and bolts … just like we used to."

For the reissue, the group turned to producer Matt Wallace to remix three tracks ("Pills for Breakfast," "As the Worm Turns," and the title track) and added demos and live performances to the original track listing, as well as bundling archival band photos and new liner notes penned by Bottum into the package.

"With We Care a Lot, I always felt like I was part of something new and different than anything else out there at the time," added Mosley. "It made me feel privileged to be a part of it. The other guys were so cool, and there was so much camaraderie. And that came across in the music; Bordin's drums battling it out with Billy's bass in antagonistic harmony, Roddy's melodic atmosphere, swallowed up by Jim's crunchy metal riffs. I found my place somewhere between them all, and when the album was finished, it didn't sound like anything else."

The "Deluxe Band Edition" of We Care a Lot arrives Aug. 19. Pre-order the album here, and check out the new remix of the title track courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

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Faith No More, We Care a Lot Deluxe Band Edition track listing
"We Care a Lot"
"The Jungle"
"Mark Bowen"
"Why Do You Bother"
"Pills for Breakfast"
"As the Worm Turns"
"Arabian Disco"
"New Beginnings"
"We Care a Lot" (2016 mix)
"Pills for Breakfast" (2016 mix)
"As the Worm Turns" (2016 mix)
"Greed" (demo)
"Mark Bowen" (demo)
"Arabian Disco" (demo)
"Intro" (demo)
"The Jungle" (live)
"New Beginnings" (live)

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