Mike Patton has been pushing sonic boundaries far beyond Faith No More for decades and his new project, tētēma, could be his biggest experiment yet.

A collaboration with Australian composer/pianist Anthony Pateras, tētēma created their upcoming debut, 'Geocidal,' over the course of more than a year -- recording analogue electronics, strings, winds, brass, orchestral percussion, and Patton's otherworldly vocals -- each laid down in a different location. The result, as Pateras puts it in a press release, is "displaced, almost vaporous intensity -- it comes from everywhere and nowhere."

The duo have unveiled the song 'Tenz,' an aural assault featuring a driving, tribal rhythm and just one line from Patton repeated over and over again (listen below). "This track experiments with a palimpsest of rhythmic microcosms, consisting of drums, voice, arp 2600, contrabass recorder, nylon string guitar and marimba," said Pateras. "The orchestration attempts to create kaleidoscopic barber pole effect: a constantly rotating electro-acoustic cross-pollination which culminated in some kind of brutal polychronic trance music, albeit with a glockenspiel coda."

Check out the song below. 'Geocidal' is set for release Dec. 9 via Patton's Ipecac Recordings.