Back in the day, it wasn't all that surprising to see your favorite TV stars shilling for some product on TV. Eh, who are we kidding? As long as there have been celebrities, commercials and money, your favorite TV stars have been selling whatever was put in front of them.

In 1965, a year after the show premiered, 'The Munsters' cast declared its love for Cheerios cereal in a 30-second commercial. And even though patriarch Herman is the star of the spot, other family members also make appearances.

Most notably, son Eddie narrates the commercial, noting how Cheerios -- which has been around since 1941 and remains one of the blandest cereals on the planet -- gives his monster dad the strength to do almost anything around the house, including hanging pictures and lifting furniture.

The scenes of Herman at work are most likely taken from the TV show (we're not going to spend the time to watch it to see if this footage was cribbed from there; let's just assume it was). The laugh track is most likely from the show too.

But those scenes of Eddie handing Herman a box of cereal, and subsequent shots of Herman sitting down and enjoying a bowl of Cheerios, are undoubtedly new and were shot specifically for the commercial.

While it's not as cool as Boston garage rockers the Standells rockin' 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' in the Munsters' living room, it's still not a bad way to spend 30 seconds.