Even My Bloody Valentine know they're effing loud. The celebrated shoegazing band played a concert in Glasgow last night and handed out earplugs to fans before the show. It was indeed loud, but it was also "awesome," according to 'NME.'

Ever since they released their long-awaited followup to 1991's classic 'Loveless' last month, and breaking the Internet in the process, the Irish indie-rock legends have been busy with a tour that's taking them to a handful of cities overseas, but sadly nowhere in the U.S.

Last night's concert at the Barrowlands in Scotland featured a typical set that was heavy on 'Loveless' and surprisingly light on the new 'm b v.' In fact, only three songs were played from the new record, including 'New You,' which you can watch below.

The two-hour, 17-song set was also sprinkled with various EP cuts. Not so surprisingly, NME reports, frontman Kevin Shields had very little to say onstage -- "thank you" at the end of the night appears to be his only words to the audience.

Even though My Bloody Valentine hadn't released an album in 22 years, they have played some shows during their lengthy hiatus, including a legendary one at the very same venue they rocked last night. So anticipation was high. And so were volume levels, which reportedly peaked during the 10-minute penultimate song in the set, the blistering 'You Made Me Realise,' the title track to a 1988 EP. Good thing fans were armed with earplugs.

Watch My Bloody Valentine Play 'New You' in Glasgow